Flavia, The Illuminator


Flavia maintains that the power of light is the greatest form of magic, much to the exasperation and boredom of her fellow peers. She is certainly the foremost authority on torch construction, light radius calculation, and generally brightening places up. Since the Respite is surrounded by ample firewood, she gets very little credit. She recently forged a large weapon called the Morningstar that everyone universally agrees is too big for her to wield. It remains to be seen whether or not she can use it, but it is extremely bright and shiny.

Garl the Fleshsmith: “At first I was THINKING she was going to use LIGHTNING, GOD YES! But she is a disappointing waste of flesh and magical talent. I am gonna make her a lot better when she dies in the woods, don’t WORRY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA!”

Ohio Smith: “Sure, she is useful to have around Respite. Just don’t expect her to pull her weight in magical combat. She can’t do anything a torch can’t do. I do like that weapon of hers though, that is style. Might need to borrow that sometime.”

Flavia, The Illuminator

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