Fulgur, Storm Rider


A recent addition to Respite, Fulgur and his sister Nen are from a barbarian tribe that Bonisagus came across in his journeys. Viewed by the Peerage as somewhat disgusting and unteachable, the two are some of the best warriors within the Bite, and at least one of them is usually on guard duty. Fulgur uses a massive hammer that seems light as air in his hands and that arcs electricity when he grows angry. They mostly keep to themselves and do not seem particularly interested in research or exploration. Fulgur has mentioned that his powers are nothing compared to the rest of his family. Whether this is just standard barbarian ancestor worship is unknown.

Orweb the Fungus Mage: “The Bullthorn acacia grows hollow spines which house Pseudomyrmex ants. The ants are completely dependent on the tree, but defend it from harm, cutting down rival plants while feeding from the sap and buds of the acacia. Fulgur and Nen are our Pseudomyrmex ants.”

Pilwheat the Chemist/Cook: “I think the energy must come straight from their diet, the two of them eat more than anyone else in the Peerage. They are easy to cook for though, just give them a haunch of meat, as raw as you please. They tell me that, where they are from, meat is scarce and the world is covered in snow all year round. Makes you wonder just how far Bonisagus travels huh?”

Gauss the Arithmancer: “Free guards? I see no problems with that. The two are a bit mercurial, I admit, but they mostly mind their own business. Perhaps you should do the same?”

Flavia the Illuminator: “I like Nen, she is never mean to me. Fulgur has a certain rugged element that I really appreciate but… can he turn the lightning off? Ever?”

Garl the Fleshsmith: “Fulgur is a living GOD. Not even I can revive what a god destroys.”

Ohio Smith: “The two have good heads on their shoulders, better than most of this lot. I wish I could get them into the tunnels but Fulgur just says exploring only takes years off your life, it never adds any. He hasn’t seen what I have seen though. Still, Fulgur can tell you some stories if you get him a bit drunk. I wouldn’t want to be around if Nen got drunk.”

Fulgur, Storm Rider

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