Garl, The Fleshsmith


He has a shrieking laugh and seems to be unable to modulate the tone or volume of his voice. He speaks in a high pitched scream and constantly suspects that he is dying. Aside from this he is an alright guy


Garl is, even amongst the Peerage, an odd sort. He is always on the lookout for particularly interesting dead bodies. It is unclear exactly how he reanimates the bodies but they are available for purchase and last a few days before their brains rot. Garl maintains that his processes are strictly nondemonic and have their basis in electricity but everyone kind of gives him a yeah right look. Still, his corpses can be really useful haulers and fighters in the field so the practice is provisionally allowed until it can be proven that Garl is consorting with dark powers. His creations, if purchased, should be shielded from the prying eyes of the militia.

Ohio Smith: "Garl has got to be the craziest guy I have ever met. I don’t know if his “children” are demons but I can tell you they will slow you down in the forest. No amount of strength is worth it if it slows you down in there."

Garl, The Fleshsmith

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