Gauss, The Arithmancer


“Markets in everything!” Gauss maintains the Market and Exchange, where members of the Peerage can auction off items, goods, favors, to any willing buyers, as well as look at the current exchange rate for favors between Peers. It is the kind of thing that is better on paper though. The prices on the Exchange are somewhat shifty, no one knows the magic whereby Gauss gets the numbers, and everyone seems to always owe Gauss, so it is a questionable system. Still sometimes you can trade favors between peers there. Gauss himself is all business, all the time and has been known to charge people’s accounts and devalue their favors just for talking to him for too long. Gauss claims to have access to vast realms of potential realities that he uses to determine truths about the real world but no one has any idea what he is talking about and most of the time he seems to be wrong. You may list yourself on the Exchange, find hirelings and take up questing contracts.

Flavia the Illuminator: “Don’t talk to me about the Exchange! I won’t honor anything Gauss says, I don’t care what he thinks, my time is not worthless. I am not lighting things for free just because he says it is stupid. Light is important! I swear, one day I am gonna just let all these lights shut off and then we will see who is the least valuable mage! Still I make a fair profit selling torches on the Market so I guess I can’t complain too much.”

Garl the Fleshsmith: “The Market never has enough BODIES. That is really my only complaint.”

Ohio Smith: “If you can’t get something done yourself, how likely is it that someone else is going to want to do it for you? I can make what I need.”

Gauss, The Arithmancer

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