Nen, Storm Rider


Nen, as opposed to her ever boastful brother, does not usually speak. When she does it is a catastrophic booming sound that rolls for miles around. When she cannot use her voice to quell foes, she has been known to use a large sword and shield in battle with great skill. She is quick to anger and does not approve of most of Fulgur’s decisions. Fulgur and Nen do not go out of their way to defend the town but will defend the Peerage’s holdings with incredible prowess. It is suspected that Gauss employs both of the Storm Riders as security for the Exchange.

Pilwheat: “Did, uh, did Nen say anything about me? Err, yeah, no I guess she wouldn’t huh? She is really wonderful, just a great listener. And then stupid Fulgur comes in with a joke about us having the tallest babies in the Bite and the moment is ruined and usually Nen blows up the building. What a jackass.”

Gauss: “No questions asked, no pesky complaints, works for a pittance. Nen is the model employee. I admit that sometimes she is a bit unnervingly happy to resort to violence. Still, a pretty good hire.”

Flavia: “Everyone wishes that I was more like Nen. Well you know what? I am glad I am not a raging bitch that huffs and puffs and blows down the market when they don’t have my favorite goat cheese. She is a psychopath, even in a town brimming over with psychopaths. I don’t know why I stay around here.”

Garl: “Fulgur is much better, I would RATHER talk about Fulgur! Nen just hits me, Fulgur is best!”

Ohio Smith: “Nen is probably the best person to have your back in a straight fight. Unfortunately she is one of the most likely to get you into a fight as well. I guess there is a bit of a tradeoff there.”

Nen, Storm Rider

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