Orweb, the Fungus Mage


Orweb is a somewhat fat man with grotesque patches of color on his face and throat. He calls himself the fungus mage but he seems to deal in all kinds of plant based magic. Orweb spent some time with the Fey but came back to Respite. Most of the peers are suspicious of him because of this and he is mostly ostracized, but pretends not to notice. At first he was considered as useless as Flavia but nobody has questioned his power since he started resurrecting people. Well, resurrecting may be too strong a term. It is more like making plant versions of dead people who think they are the dead person. Now there are several “people” in the Landing that owe their “life” to Orweb. Aside from this Orweb maintains a garden of unusually magical plants that can offer strange and wondrous effects.

Pilwheat the Chemist/Cook: “I don’t trust him or his flour neither. If I start using his stuff, we’ll all be pod people by the end of the week, mark my words. And speaking of food, he don’t eat nothin either. He isn’t right and he should get back to the Fey where he belongs.”

Gauss the Arithmancer: “He can be on the Exchange, he is a peer, but those other mages are dead and I am not giving these sprouted servants of his a place on the board. The board is for sentient members of the Peerage, not for plant golems that think they are peers. And even if they can do magic, I remain convinced that Orweb is in control of them, in which case their debts and credits are denominated in his own currency. No more questions!”

Flavia the Illuminator: “He is gross and creepy. Sometimes he just stands next to the lights and… I think he shivers… It puts me in a helluva predicament, because I am pretty sure him and his creatures are living off my light which I don’t like but he is also the only mage in the whole landing that pays me any mind. So I don’t know. Maybe he is alright? Just… if I die, let me stay dead. Just in case.”

Garl the Fleshsmith: “I’LL KILL HIM. If he resurrects even ONE MORE body, I don’t CARE what Bonisagus says, I WILL DECLARE WIZARD’S WAR! We’ll see whose golems are the best in Respite THEN!”

Ohio Smith: “Nobody likes the guy, nobody trusts the guy, but he’s still here, day after day. People keep dying and he keeps bringing them back… Won’t be too long before there are more of them than there are us. Makes a fellow a bit anxious. I’ll be in the woods.”

Orweb, the Fungus Mage

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