Walter "The Wall" Worther


An absolutely massive beast of a man. Always dressed in dark leather and red plaid. Smells Great!


He is the son of the famous blacksmith Wulbear Worther. His mother Bereta was an alchemist who worked for the city developing medical soaps and ointments. After the tragic murder of his family and best friend, Walter “The Wall” Worther chose a life of exile. Only a boy but already the size of a man, he left the City for good, and set out into the very forest that destroyed his life. Armed with his fathers steel axe, he began a new life of revenge. He patched together a new life. He found new friends in the Barbarian cultures but gang life did not suit him. They could not understand his rage for the forest and only cared for raiding settlements After yet another meaningless raid of a small village Walter had finally had enough. A bit of taunting from one particularly irritating elf was all it took to finally make Walter go berserk Only when the red in his vision cleared, and his lungs could pump without screaming, could the destruction be seen. A large section of forest was cleared and all but one wall of a house remained. Walt the Wall Worther had found his new home. The forest was vigilant in its efforts to reclaim its territory but The Wall stood with rage against it. He rebuilt and fought the forest almost daily. It became a way of life, and while the rage never subsided, it became in a way mundane. Over time Walter found that he had become what his father never wanted, a male soap maker. It was one of the only things his mother had ever taught him. With the forest ever encroaching, his desire for vengeance keeps his soap making time to a minimum and because it smells so good, “The Wall’s Body Bar” has become as popular as it is rare. Trading soap had proven a means to an end, but ever since childhood Walter had always been fascinated with destruction magic and the power it had to burn timber. He knew nothing about how any of it worked, and after hearing about the location of the Wizard College from a traveling merchant, he decided to go there in hopes of meeting with the elementalists to bargain an alliance against the forest.

Walter "The Wall" Worther

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